Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Start

This new year started with a little difference. Spent time with my family the whole day :)
Went to Kapaleeshwarar temple (for the first time) in mylapore and had our lunch at Saravana bhavan. It was a no samayal day for mom today :)
Had a very good time.

Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011-The most happening year in my life so far. Hard to bid adieu, but excited to unwrap the surprises that awaits in 2012 :)
Wish you all a very happy, prosperous and successful 2012.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Got a chance to watch this flick in trichy last week. We had gone for one of our friend's marriage where we stepped into this theater featuring Ko movie, for a night show. I liked the movie very much even before the very first scene, for the reason that my favourite hero appears almost throughout the movie. You might wonder why I say my favourite hero 'appears' instead of 'acts' in the movie. Cause the hero was the Canon 7D camera that Jeeva uses in the movie.

As far as the movie is concerned the story line was different and I liked the locations and the camera work in many scenes. One could clearly sense the "Naanga apdi than. Ungalala enna panna mudiyum" attitude in the movie from that fact that Red giant movies have the distribution rights for a film that pin points their own family story.

Politics apart.

Hoping to take a snap with my favourite hero one day.

You got that sentence right !!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Most Awaited

After a really long wait, I have ordered for my first digital SLR camera. A Canon Rebel T1i aka Canon EOS 500D. My darling is expected to arrive by mid of Nov. Really really excited, with a loooooong to-do list lined up in my mind.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I was too excited to watch "Endhiran" on the very first day of its release. Though being a fan of Kamal movies, watching Rajni flicks on the first day is a still an excitement. Endhiran was a most awaited movie and the expectations set were also too high. Also needless to say if its Shankar's direction. Now that I have seen the movie on the first day, I somehow feel that the long wait and the ooover hype were not worthy. The movie lacks the actual Rajni element. A powerful actor like Rajnikanth has been played with, like a toy (robot). It looks like as if the movie has been taken to cover the planned budget. The movie also lacked director Shankar's screenplay :(

On the whole, Endhiran was like "Rajni Rajni everywhere, not a scene to entertain"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sanjay :(

Yesterday, when I was scanning through the channels in TV. I stopped a while for a wonderful song in SUN music. Vijay and Sanjay dancing together for the song "Naan (N)adicha thaanga maatta, Naalu maasam thoonga maatta" from the movie "Vettaikkaran". A sudden spark striked my mind to write a post in my blog about Sanjay (Vijay's son). Be it in school, college or even at office, all Vijay fans are ill-treated. They are not even allowed to express their views on anything. The worst part is that even an interesting arguement with a Vijay fan ends up with this dialogue "Nee Vijay fan dhane da.. Appo apdithan pesuva", which is totally irrelevant to the topic that is being argued upon. When this is the case of a person who is just a fan of Vijay, then think about Sanjay. I wonder if he'll even have any friends at school. Poor kid. Everyone knows that Sanjay is not responsible for this, but atleast his dad must act (not in movies) resposibly. He must see to that Sanjay does not uses his punch dialogues at school or with his friends (if any), to avoid problems.
I was worried if I would get any abusive comments from any of Vijay's fans for this post, so i decided to write this post in english.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Valueless, yet valuable

Recently I came to know about the Zero Rupee note which is used nationwide as an effective currency to eradicate corruption. This initiative was taken by a non profit, non governmental organization called 5th Pillar which is aimed at fighting corruption. The 5th Pillar website has the details about the organization and its goals along with the details about RTI Act (Right To Information) and how to use it. 5th Pillar has many success stories and also maintains a list of government officials who have been arrested for taking bribe. I was not aware of the Zero rupee note till I met one of its member in a friend's marriage. He briefed us about the usage of the zero rupee note in govenment offices to get things done without any delay or need to pay bribe to the officers. This is a good initiative to fight against corruption. Whether it actually kills corruption is something which we need to wait n watch, but the initiative is appreciable.

Disclaimer: The author of this post is neither a member nor a part of the organization mentioned above. The objective of the above post is only to share the information and does not directly or indirectly force its readers to become a part of the organization.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Once in 2009, First in 2010

This is my first post in 2010. I am a frequent visitor of many blogs except to that of my own. I accidentally visited my blog and was shocked to see just a single post during the year 2009, that too a snapshot of my own blog sarcastically criticising my laziness to update the blog. I have more than 15 posts queued up in the draft, some of which I do not even know how to complete. I have not run short of topics or time (definitely NOT), its just that I have become lazy to think about something to post. Not sure if Jo, Meenu, Supreeth and Prashanth (once upon a time visitors) will even remember this URL :(

Anyways I am planning to post more topics this year and I am happy that this post has not joined the queue of drafts :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dusting my blog

Do I need to comment anything on the above image?
I should probably restart posting something on my blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One night at Airport

Though not as interesting as Chetan's "One night @ call centre", this post is all about my experience at the Delhi airport between 20:45, 14th October 2008 to 09:45, 15th October 2008. Wondering what I was doing the whole night at the Delhi airport? Well, even am wondering why? I had gone to Noida for a project work and stayed in a guest house at Noida sector 55, for about 10 days. After finishing my work, I deliberately wanted to return home and have some curd rice. I really missed the south Indian food there. Though, somehow I managed with fruits and little of the north Indain food for nearly 2 weeks. On sunday, the 12th of October, I suddenly fell ill, definitely only because of the water that I drank in the guest house. I took some medicines and proceeded to the office on monday morning to handover the completed work. I couldn't manage to stay there till night. So my TL asked me to leave back home and take rest. He also told that my return ticket would me mailed to my office mail id. I was waiting for a call from him the next day and was very curious about my return to Chennai. But I didn't get any call till evening, since he was very busy with some meetings. Even I couldn't contact him on his mobile because the International outgoing call from my mobile was barred on roaming. Then he called me by about 4 Pm and informed that he has asked the traveldesk to book my return ticket as soon as possible. After many discussions and calls from my office, and considering my health issue, they have booked my return ticket for 14th October 2008, 20:15 flight. By the time I received the confirmation about my ticket, it was 6:30Pm and I just had 1 hour and 45 minutes to catch the flight. I had called up the cab driver and informed him to be at the guest house before 6:45Pm. I caught a rickshaw and went to the nearest browsing centre to take a printout of my e-ticket and came back to the guest house in 10 minutes. I took my baggages and was waiting outside for the cab driver to come. But he came there only by 7:00Pm. I didn't even had time to argue with him. I just got into the car and asked him to go to the airport. Even though I knew that I could not make it to the airport in time, I had a belief that I would atleast reach there by 8:00Pm. But it was only red signal, not only to my belief but also throughout my journey to the airport.

My TL called me and asked whether I could catch the flight in time. I said that its impossible and asked him if he could cancel the ticket. He said that its not possible to cancel the ticket as everyone would have left the office by 6:45 itself and now the time was 7:30Pm. But he didn't give up trying to contact the travel desk at offshore. Finally I got a call by 7:45 Pm saying that the ticket has been re-scheduled for the next day morning 9:30 flight. It was a great sigh of relief. But wait, where will I stay tonight? I have checked out from the guest house. I made up my mind and decided to stay in the airport the whole night. Till then the time which was running fast began to crawl. I reached the airport and got permission from the airport security to stay there till morning. I went inside the airport and walked towards the kingfisher counter. I asked them if there was any waiting room available so that I could wait till the next day. But to my surprise, there was nothing called a waiting room available there. Even the chennai central and egmore railway station has retiring rooms which can be paid and used. I sat on the chair and began to watch all the passengers moving in and out of the airport. I couldn't sleep because I didn't have my dinner :(

Since it was a domestic airport, there were no flights after 11pm. My only time pass came to an end. All the workers had left the airport except for few policemen, sweeper and the coffee day shop guy. The main lights in the airport were switched off, but it was still bright inside. I kept on looking at my watch and wondered if the time moves faster only when we sleep. I could hear the noise of the aeroplanes landing at the international airport which is about 4 kms from the domestic airport. A maruti suzuki SX4 car was kept on display inside the airport. I even thought of opening the door and lying on the car seat and sleep till morning. The chair was so uncomfortable that I could not even sleep for 10 minutes. I was walking from one end to the other, sat in different places, watched the automatic floor cleaner mechanism, drank water, but nothing seemed to help me push the time.
Somehow I managed till 4:30 am and went to the rest room to wash my face. I was stunned on seeing my eyes at the mirror. Only then I remembered that I had fever the previous day. I didnt care about it because my only intention was to go back home. The first flight at morning was at 5:30am. People began to walk in the airport. I was looking at the tv for the check-in time for my flight. I could not find my flight in the list, because the time was only 5:15am. I refreshed myself and went to have a coffee. The shop keeper didnt have change even for Rs100. I didnt have the coffee.

I proceeded to the ticket counter to collect my ticket and handed over my baggage for check-in. I was waiting for the security check-in announcement for my flight. There was no sign of announcement for my flight. I was really annoyed and asked the Kingfisher staff regarding this. He said that there was some delay because the flight has not yet arrived from chennai(Naasama pochu). The same flight was to fly back to chennai at 9:30am. I couldn't do anything but smile at him and say a fake Thankyou(Podaaaa).
Atlast I heard an announcement requesting all passengers travelling to chennai by Kingfisher airlines to proceed for boarding. Thank God. I ran and joined the queue, got my ticket verified and got into the bus which took us to the flight which was waiting about half a kilometer from the airport. I was so tired that I could not even enjoy the in-flight entertainment and the take-off. I just closed my eyes and sat for sometime after which the brunch was served. I had the food and began to sleep again. The journey time to chennai was about 2 and a half hours. I was peeping throught the window and shot a few snaps. Then heard the announcement from the pilot asking us to fasten our seatbelts because we were nearing the chennai airport. I was the first person to get off the flight as soon as it landed at chennai airport. I rushed to collect my baggage and called up my dad to inform that I have arrived.

It was all like a dream. I could not believe whether it was me who was spending a whole sleepless night at the airport. I was recollecting everything on my way back to home. It was a different experience and I would never forget it.